Dieting is My Ongoing Hobby

I’ve taken up kickboxing, I’ve taken up zumba dancing and I enjoy a little baking here and there, but the one constant “side activity” I’ve engaged in for quite some time is dieting. It’s like a fun hobby that I haven’t really quite mastered.

I have been very fascinated with dieting since the 7th grade when my modeling coach told me to lose weight. My mother immediately took me to the doctor who made me eat Boca burger (Yuck, tasted like cardboard and I have to pay for this crap?) and got a trainer who was a 6 foot African-American lady who made me do endless situps on sweat-stained mats.

Since then, I was on a quest for easy and fun ways to lose weight, and still be able to talk about it with the general public.

This, apparently is not a problem because diets are prevalent and there’s a new one every week!

Of course, I run into people who say, “Losing weight is not a diet, it’s a lifestyle!”

Yes, I know. I just have yet to find the “lifestyle” that works for me.

As I’m writing this, I feel like I should list all the past diets I’ve done and the results with them, but that will be another post.

Until then, find me on!
Username: thesocalwoman

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02. April 2014 by Mary-Joy Coburn
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I’m officially an “AUNTIE!”

My baby nephew and new love - when introduced for the first time

My baby nephew and new love – when introduced for the first time

I am very excited to announce that I am officially an AUNTIE!

An “Auntie” is just a casual version of “Aunt”, which is defined as the sister of a mother or father. In the Filipino culture, everyone is an auntie if they are around the same age as my parents. My parent’s friends are my aunties. My friend’s aunties are also my aunties. In short, I have a lot of aunties.

But on March 26th, something changed. I became an auntie in the purest form. My older brother’s son was born and I became a true auntie.

And what an honor.

Granted I have yet to meet my little nephew but everything about him already gets me excited. I stare at his photos way longer than I should and I watch the snipets of videos over and over until I can recite the sounds in the background.

My husband looked at me yesterday and stated, “Let me guess, now you want to have a baby.”

Without missing a beat, I simply replied, “Nope, I’ve got Nathan.”

See, I was in contact with my family throughout my sister-in-law’s pregnancy and throughout the labor. I must admit, it is as far from glamorous as expected and it actually doesn’t sound as appealing.

I think I will enjoy being an aunt a great deal because I can love and spoil a beautiful person that looks like me (we are family afterall) without the real responsibilities and tasks of parenthood.

Someday we’ll have a baby of our own, but until then – I will cherish and direct all my baby love to his handsome little boy!

31. March 2014 by Mary-Joy Coburn
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Perfect Pinup Photoshoot

In the studio all glammed up and ready for a vintage shoot!

In the studio all glammed up and ready for a vintage shoot!

There’s something really cool about a photoshoot.

And not just any photoshoot, but rather a special one where I get to dress up with vintage dresses and high heels and having a professional hair and makeup lady style me to look like a diva from the 1950’s!

I’ll let you in on a super wonderful secret – all the models that day (including myself) wore these amazing custom-made corsets that pulled our stomachs in and made our waists look 6 inches tinier. No kidding! And it doesn’t matter how skinny you already are, this corset pulled the body in all the right places that gave the woman amazing curves.

Definitely a must have for special occasions!

1550 S. Sunkist Street, Ste. K
Anaheim, CA 92806
Phone: 714-939-6729

12. March 2014 by Mary-Joy Coburn
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You are single because you want to be single

431883_10101695632036661_931134187_nYou are single not because you are too intimidating, or that you are too picky. You are single because you want to be single.

As a married thirty-year old, with many single friends and constantly hearing about the details of their dates, I can honestly say many of these girls are single because they want to be.

I can say this because I was there once.

My friends are just like me. Pretty, educated and successful. We are go-getters who have accomplished quite a bit since we left our parents’ homes to venture off to college. In college we established our grounds socially, faired well academically, and successfully landed jobs to be wholly independent.

If we can set our minds on something others find challenging, surely we can find a relationship – I mean, check out Facebook – EVERYONE is in a relationship (but that’s a whole other topic).
When hearing about their dates, my friends tell me everything that’s been discussed – including when the guy asks when they can see my girlfriends again.

“Well, I am going to a couple parties tomorrow, then I’m going on a cruise, then I have to travel to Europe for a week for work….”

The reason my girlfriend is single isn’t because she’s too picky; she actually likes the guy sitting in front of her. It’s also not because she’s intimidating (I mean, she’s successful); but the guy across from her sounds just as equally accomplished. It’s because she is busy living a life as a single person.

Does she want to be in a relationship? Yes. But at the moment, it sounds like her independence is far more of a priority than dating.

Here’s the thing. When you are ready for a serious, committed relationship, you put your heart and mind to it. It becomes a priority. You make time for it.

When someone is ready for a relationship, there is a sudden shift in priorities. Perhaps I’d ditch the party to hang out with the guy one-on-one. Or perhaps the cruise can wait awhile while I see where this relationship is going. Or I’ll find a reason to stay and the company would have to send another account executive to Europe.

When you want to be in a relationship, you will make time for it because you want to.

27. February 2014 by Mary-Joy Coburn
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Cruise Necessities

Cruise Necessities

Cruise Necessities by thesocalwoman featuring flip flop sandals

23. January 2014 by Mary-Joy Coburn
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Red – Color of Passion

Red - Color of Passion

Red – Color of Passion by thesocalwoman featuring henri bendel jewelry

23. January 2014 by Mary-Joy Coburn
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Payday is doubled when married

Married life #marriage #payday #sharing #KBBQ

Married life #marriage #payday #sharing #KBBQ

I’m not gonna lie. I love the dual income thing… and having no kids (for now) is even better! Though we still need to save quite a bit for that little house we’ve been wanting, I enjoy the liberty of having two incomes in our household.

What do most married couples (with no kids) spend their money on? That’s for another post! Until next time!

17. January 2014 by Mary-Joy Coburn
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